About Us

Around a year ago we got sick and tried of living our lives on repeat half hearted. So we decided to invest in our life, seeking health, wealth and happiness.

The reason why we have chosen to make a website/blog about it, is because it has become our passion. We would love to create a community where we all share the same interest in life. The goal is to live a lifestyle you love. Learn how to live the most efficient, most healthy, stylish, happiest, and so it goes on. The ideal plan is therefore to post advice to all of the people who is looking for a better lifestyle.

Of course we are not super humans or a gurus of any kind. So everything on this blog is not some kind of magic that will work on everyone that does it. It takes change to change. It is about finding the things that you feel frustrated about in your life, and turning it into something you actually love doing.  If you are interested in taking action. We will be here uploading posts about these everyday "problems".

Of course there are hundreds of people who already uploads similar posts all over the internet. We were the ones who have spend hours, days, months searching for inspiration. It did indeed help us to become closer to the person we love to be, but it took ages to learn all this and we are still learning new things every day. We though that it should not require this much time and energi to learn everything you want to. So we came up with the idea to gather all the information that have helped us, and put it all together in one place. So you do not have to spend as much time finding these "life hacks" as we did. 

If you're still reading this post, We would like to thank you for spending your time doing it. If you have anything you want to know, be sure to message us. If you are still unsure of something, we are here to answer your questions regarding the website and the posts.

See you around.

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