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Peter Szabo's Source Hacker Review

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

This is my honest review of Peter Szabo's program, Source Hacker. As a member of source hacker, I would like to share with you what it is, and what it has to offer.

What is Source Hacker?

Source Hacker is a video based, step-by-step guide that is presented as a "All-in-one" life-changing system for people who are looking to build up a life they love. The program lets you discover your inner self by sound and meditation, instead of catchy trends that makes you look better. You learn to take control of your own mindset and makes you able to create a better version of yourself.

Source hacker comes with a lot of tools that will help you see the issue and get you back on track with reaching your goal. If you are looking for a goal, the program will help you create one.

In the program you will start off with two very important paradigms that defines todays society. The victim paradigm and the winner paradigm. Both helps you understand why you might be stuck trying to achieve your goal. In the end, it takes change to change, and if you are not willing to adapt, you might never become the person you want to be.

Memory flipping

Source hacker is designed to make you be able to access your own unconsciousness with the help of sound and meditation. They call it memory flipping.

The mind as we grow up, love to anchor certain feelings, such as reactions, rejections and other painful memories. It means that your mind links these two things together and store them in your memory subconscious. It is a mechanism that stops you from approaching the same pain again.

Imagine being at a funeral and a friend touches you shoulder and saying "I'm sorry". Your mind subconsciously associates that touch with the feeling you had. Years go by and a guy comes up to you and touches you on the same shoulder, you suddenly feel an unexplained sadness.

By changing the memory, you will no longer have the same feelings when certain things happen. When you make the change, you erase the negative effects it had given you. By doing this, you set yourself free, and remove the limits that you had before.

When you memory flip, you really get to learn the deeper issues that have driven you in the wrong direction.


The source hacker program is quintessential for people who are ready to start living a better and more fulfilling life. The amount of knowledge Peter is giving to you is priceless. As well as the tools you can use to build your foundation. As he describes it - "The only way you will fail, is if you stop or forget to implement the things into your life".

If you feel like you are not making any progress, or you are dealing with bigger issues. I would highly recommend giving the program a try.

The program, as most others, only works if you are ready to put the work in to it.

If you feel like it is something you might want to consider, but not quite sure about it yet. You are welcome to watch a free video where Peter explains about the program himself.

Click here, to check out the program.

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