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5 Skin care hacks you should know

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

Regardless if you have dry, oily or crusty skin. You want to make that skin look absolutely smooth and soft. I had oily skin before, but after learning these hacks it feels so smooth and almost like a new man. The benefits apart from a clean skin, you will feel more confident and helps you keep that smile on your face every time you walk by a mirror. So do yourself a favor and learn how to keep your face perfect.

Dry brushing:

Before you go to the shower and wash yourself, the best thing you can do is to take a sponge, and start making long vertical brushes on your body. This makes sure that all the dry skin you have get brushed away, by doing that your skin will feel softer and look more clean. Now that you have no more dead skin attached to your body.

Cold shower:

The title does not seem that nice, does it? Well if one thing is right, it is that you got to take the rough with the smooth. You have to let go of that warm and cozy bath, because it only makes your skin irritated and dry. Instead you should get used to a short, cold shower. It does not have to be a long one, just enough time to get shampoo and wash it out. This makes your skin feel less irritated and closes your pores, making sure you don't get all dirty the second you step out of the shower. There is a lot of good side effects to this method as you feel more refreshed if you take a shower in the morning, and depending on how cold the shower is, it also activates your muscles. Getting a small workout just from taking a shower.

Pause with the shower time:

Although it sounds promising with the cold showers. You should most definitely not take showers every day, as it only leads to dry skin. You got to maintain a fine balance and only take a shower with one or 2 days rests in between. And remember to take short showers.

A good way of keeping track of time is to listen to music as you shower. You know that a song lasts around 3-4 minutes.

Moisturizing is key:

You want to maintain that smooth skin, and the best way to do that, is to use a moisturizing cream right after you have taken a shower. As you step out of the shower, your pores will be open, and that is why this is the best time to use it. It also prevent your skin from drying after the shower, making you look smooth.

Find out your skintype:

As explained in the title, it is really just to help you get the right products, to make sure you get the best possible results. It does not help your skin if you use dry skin products, and you have very oily skin. So make sure you read about the products, before you buy them.

The last tip is just to stick to only a few products, as it only works over time, and you do not want to mix everything you got in there. The best solution is to stick to a company that have all the skin care products you need. Especially if you know they work.

And that is it. Follow these steps, and you will look smooth, and feel like a newborn baby.

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